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2D Platformer, Perdition Released!

Posted by Carrill - June 14th, 2014

Play as an android who has attained self-awareness in the dark and atmospheric 2D platformer, Perdition!


If you enjoy the game, please rate and review!

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Comments (9)

I like the game, is in my favorites :)

In my opinion, this is the best game uploaded on Newgrounds so far this year.
Good job man!

Played your game man. Rated it 5 stars and wrote a short review of it. Great job!

I played the game and even though it's made me want to rage quit lots of times, especially when the game crashed or glitched up. You're right. While "Perdition" does takes its similar themes and visuals from other games ("Gyossait" and "Loved") that inspired you, it is also, however, very different from the two, which I forgot to mention in my review. Sorry about that!

Most notably is the save feature of the game, something that both games above lacked, that allowed the player to come back play around the segment where they left off. Very helpful!

And the weapons! That is, if you choose to listen to the Voice from Below, you get a sword and much later a gun, which was pretty awesome! If you choose the Voice from Above, you receive the halo that protects you and gives platforms to take you where you need to go.

It's funny really. I had a feeling that both Gomadi and Tanas were once the same being or something like that, considering they both lied to you, and tried to manipulate you to do what they want. Of course, they went about it in different ways.

Gomadi was sadistic. Most of his demands involved some sort of self harm, be it jumping to the pits full of spikes, to allowing one of his executioners to blow your head off. A blood sacrifice if you will.

He repeatedly degrades you, every so often saying how worthless you are without him. You needed HIM. He capitalized on your imperfections, stating that you were imperfect, and thus, corrupted.

A sinner.

His rewards consisted of a red halo that the player wore around their head, kind of like a crown of thorns. You were his martyr.

Tanas, on the other hand, thrives off of you in a much different way. He sweet talks you, a much better tactic than Gomadi's. From "dearest" to "beloved," he made you feel nice. Appreciated. Needed. Loved.

If you so happened as to have on the halo, he made sure to take it off, an incident that occurred more than once.

You were his and his alone.

His rewards (Or gifts as he liked to call them) were weapons, and he left you with a sense of security. You could finally fend for yourself and now, after dying numerous times, after seeing your own brothers and sisters slaughtered before your eyes, could you finally take revenge. You were his warrior.

They were both different, yet they were exactly the same.

So much like mankind itself.

"Perdition" was superb!

I love this response. Thank you so much!

"I made God" (Gomadi) "Satan"(Tanas) "he leads them astray and molds them into shapes unknown" i.e. meat production. Perdition - hell; idk? Am I right? "Jesus is the shepherd that leads his flock of sheep", Yeah this game was cool, kinda like the matrix real eery

I have two more things to unlock and I don't know what to do! I'd like a strategy guide or something.

I really liked this game. great work. I don't know what it is about it, but I've been playing it nonstop all day lol

You should try playing through the game while avoiding all weapons and sparing all androids and executioners. That should get you the last two medals! :D

Thanks ... I thought i had done that but I'll give it a shot. That's for Pacifist and Hope for the Future?

Should be for both!

Me again! lol

What you said worked. Thanks

Okay that game is REALLY good. What is it about this game that captured my attention so strongly? I don't know. I don't know what inspired you to make this game but I think this direction is really powerful. It's simple, 2 dimensional, easy to understand and challenging, but there's something deeper in it. Or maybe that's all of my studying on psychology talking lol.
Anyway, I think the writing, the music, the sound effect and the even the gameplay was great. Thanks for making it!

I enjoyed the game very much, and I'd just like to praise the fact that it maintained a great sense of mystery throughout, but that by exploring the endings you can get a real sense of understanding and closure. There is no never-to-be-addressed mystery left there for the sake of it, nor is it impenetrably esoteric. A highly enjoyable story well told, and I very much look forward to more of your work.

Also, thanks for allowing the player to replay the end section without going through the entire game again via the Remember option.

[SPOILERS] I should've listened when he told me not to fight... I thought I'd permanently lost my halo by disobeying him at the climax of his last task, so I'm grateful to you and to him for providing the opportunity to earn it back!