My Next Project: First Mock-up!

2014-07-21 17:15:43 by Carrill

Hello, everyone! Sorry if I've been quiet as of late but I'm working on exciting things!



This is the very first mockup for my follow-up project to Perdition. It's a good example of the type of mood I'll be striving for with its art. After finishing more of these, I'm hoping to be able to prototype the game soon.

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2014-07-21 23:29:10

im super excited for it c:


2014-07-22 02:56:08

I found myself unexpectedly taken in by your game, Perdition, and I am certain that I am not alone in wishing you well with your new undertaking.


2014-08-02 13:25:58

Can't wait to konw more!


2014-08-16 20:01:31

Looks great!


2014-11-09 16:22:01

Im sure you will make another piece of art.


2014-12-19 07:27:33



2015-01-03 20:39:27

Very cool. You are very good at creating immersive environments.
Hmm.. spell check is telling me immersive is not a word.
You get what I am saying though.
-John Mark


2015-02-08 08:55:38

Excited! I loved Perdition while it lasted for me personally. I'm looking forward to what you'll add in the sequel.


2015-02-13 18:03:19

Im excited for it. GOnna be like perdition?

Carrill responds:

Yes and no. It'll be choice driven like Perdition but in a slightly different way. One huge difference is that it'll be a lot more open-world.


2015-02-13 18:23:55


The art in this post is incredibly old. If you wanna get a more updated idea of how this game will look, follow me on Twitter!


2015-02-13 21:30:43

Follow her. I saw the ideas and the gaming info. It's great! I heard about so its obvious i know most of First Mock- up!.


2015-04-03 16:33:29

I really like your style! Wish I could support your ideas somehow. <3


2015-04-12 18:09:45

I played perdition, and I have to say I loved every second of it. I can't wait to see what kind of work you have in store for us in the near and far future.


2015-05-04 03:17:45

Cannot wait! After playing your previous game i just want more like that.