Announcing... Trinity

2015-05-15 13:18:27 by Carrill



On a miserable colony circling around a destroyed planet, two societies worship the same trinity of deities... yet oppose one another.

A young woman from the lower society, you have been sent on a holy crusade… a mission to return humanity to its promised land. Infiltrating a doomed and suffering upper civilization, you embark on your quest… but a charismatic prophet speaks through strange plastic boxes scattered throughout the city…. warning the people against your plans. For how long can you keep faith in your crusade when conflict follows you everywhere you turn?

Redeem humanity… Assemble the trinity.



Trinity is the follow-up game to Perdition. It's not a prequel or a sequel to my previous game, but it does take place within the same universe. Like Perdition, it's a 2D Platformer with a great emphasis on atmosphere and choice. Unlike Perdition, Trinity will be a much more open-world experience, offering the player more freedom in exploring the world. I'll share more details in time through a devlog elsewhere.

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2015-05-15 13:59:13

can´t wait!


2015-05-15 15:12:50

Oh good lord, yes!!! Take my soul (i don't have money :,c)


2015-05-15 17:45:05

Looks awesome!


2015-05-16 01:59:16

looking forward to this! :DDD


2015-05-16 02:08:11

YES! Perdition was really awesome (and sometimes creepy) and I can't wait for this game to come soon too. Good luck getting featured on the main page or being a P-bot daily pick! C:


2015-05-17 16:44:38

Really cool game your making there. Can't wait to play it!


2015-05-20 06:45:07

This looks amazing !!! The main character looks really cool !!


2015-06-02 17:45:51



2015-06-23 16:58:44

Have to say I'm going to have trouble waiting fort this one!


2015-08-07 05:35:35

Can' wait to play it :D


2016-07-13 01:55:14

Played Perdition who-knows-how-long ago, loved it, can't wait for this one! You rock!